About Us

Retrouvailles is a French-style brand that was created by experts who have years of experience in the perfumes industry. Retrouvailles is derived from a French word that means “The happiness of meeting or finding someone again after a long separation.”

Our perfumes were carefully selected to match every age, gender, and occasion, each perfume will take you somewhere or remind you of someone, hence the name Retrouvailles.

The perfume ingredients and Oils were selected by top perfumers with experience of 30 years in Grasse Our experts have dedicated time and effort and used all their previous years of experience to structure perfumes that are rich in concentration, Beautiful in design and fancy in quality.

All essential steps were done in France, including designing, fragrances selection and perfumes formation, in order to fulfill the worldwide requirements and consumers demand in all regions.

The brand is carefully crafted to high standards, designed by best designers in the world, elegant bottles with a meaning, fancy packaging, high-quality pumps and caps details.

We are trying to provide you with the best perfume shopping experience with fragrances like no other, each of our perfumes have a unique different smell and comes from a different family of notes and ingredients.

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